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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Reduced & Restricted Height Shower Doors

Restricted height shower enclosures and shower doors are perfect for low ceilings, loft conversions, boats or any other shower installation where you need a reduced height shower.

Over the years shower doors and enclosures have gradually gained in height, mainly driven by manufacturers trying to out-do each other in the marketing stakes rather than any technical reasons.  Shower heights of 1900mm are common place in 2013.  However, the Coram GB shower range from British shower manufacturer Coram Showers still offers all of its GB range at the reduced height of 1800mm.  Choose from Quadrant, Pivot, Bi Fold and sliding shower doors all suitable for installations where height is restricted.

Coram GB is made in Shropshire at Coram's own dedicated factory.  For whatever reason you require a reduced height 1800mm shower door or enclosure, the Coram GB range offers high quality British engineered products that are easy to fit and last for years.

For more information on the Coram GB range of reduced height showers please click here