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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Shower Trays For Alcoves / Recess Shower Installations

Coram Shower Trays offer a range of specialist shower trays designed specifically for installations into alcoves or recess.  

The Coratech shower trays from Coram are made with three tiling upstands for watertight sealing on the internal three walls of the recess.  They have a small 'waterguard' along the front leading edge that finishes the tray off perfectly.

Coram Coratech Universal Shower Tray With Upstands

The coratech shower tray by Coram Showers is made using a unique rigid resin formulation designed to make fitting very easy for a single fitter, whilst giving the strength of a stone shower tray.  The shower trays benefit from a tried and tested riser leg system and plinth panels to make fitting as simple as possible.

Coram Shower Tray With Riser Legs

The Coratech Universal shower tray comes with riser legs pre fitted by the factory.  Adjustable hexagonal feet screw into the legs and can be easily adjusted by hand to level the shower tray. Angled screw holes make fixing the feet easy.

The included plinth trim panels are timber backed to give superior strength and can easily be trimmed to size if needed.  The panels themselves are attached using specially designed push-on spring clips to make fitting simple.

The Coram Shower Trays come complete with a full high flow waste & trap leaving nothing more needed to fit the entire tray.

For sizes and to purchase Coram Trays online please click here.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Coram Showers

Coram Showers

Coram Showers offer the best value and easiest to install shower products, making them the preferred choice of most professional installers.
The entire Coram range is designed and built in Britain to suit British site requirements.  Each model is beautifully designed and finished offering superb features and guaranteed quality.  All glass is toughened safety glass, which complies with EN12150 and EN12600 and is marked with European Standard to comply with Building Regulations.  The glass is specially treated to make cleaning easier and less frequently required.  High quality corrosion resistant Aluminium frames comply with BS6496.  When Coram Enclosures and Coratech Shower trays are used together, their performance is so unbeatable and reliable that Coram offer a watertight lifetime guarantee.

Coram StayClean Glass:  The finest toughened safety glass is treated with a microscopically thin coating applied to the inside of the glass to provide a permanent protective layer.  This treatment creates an incredibly smooth surface that prevents the build-up of limescale and grime, which makes cleaning both easier and less frequently required between 50 - 70% less often.  It is crystal clear and will never peel off or flake.  When applied the molecules of the coating and the glass bond together to create a protective layer 80,000 times thinner than a human hair.  This same treatment is also used to provide dirt and stain resistance for an extensive range of applications including airport control towers and marine glass.

Coram Premier:  Premier offers the best value for professional installers and discerning customers. The most extensive range with the best features, which is the easiest to fit and seal; to provide the perfect installation.

Coram Optima:    Optima is a lower cost alternative to Premier, designed specifically for housebuilders.  Coram Optima is one of the most popular shower ranges in the UK and is specified extensively by architects and specifiers for they commercial and private customers needs.  Coram Optima provides the best feature to value ratio available.

Coram Premier Frameless:  The newest addition to the Coram Showers range, Premier Frameless are the most stylish of enclosures.  They offer the minimal style of a wetroom panel with the added screening of a fully enclosed shower area.

Coram GB:  Coram GB is a low cost shower door and enclosure range, designed as a cost effective replacement shower system.  It is specifically designed to a height of just 1800mm in order to make an easy replacement for existing 1800mm shower doors.  It is also very popular with boat builders and customers with loft conversions.

Coram Glass Shower Panels:  Glass shower panels allow you to create a superb, minimalist shower enclosure - a walk in style design, without the need for a shower door.

Coratech Shower Trays:   Coratech is a unique resin developed by Coram for use in their shower trays.  It has all the strength of Stone Resin shower trays, but without the excessive weight.

Coram Bathscreens:    Coram Bath Screens are simply the best designed screens you can buy. Available in a vast range of designs including folding, pivot and even sliding bath screens.

For the full Coram range, and to buy online at the most competitive prices available please click below.

Coram Showers

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Coram Bath Screens

New prices across the board on all Coram Bath Screens.  Coram Bath Screens from British shower door manufacturer Coram Showers are among the best selling screens in the UK.  All Coram bath screens are designed for the British market, and still manufactured in Britain using the highest quality parts and components.

The Coram Bath Screen range covers almost all sizes and styles, from fixed screens, folding screens and even sliding bathscreens.

A range of sizes and extended sizes, choice of finishes and high quality thick safety glass make the Coram range one of the most popular for consumers.

In addition, there is a range of luxury Designer bath screens for style conscious buyers, designed with solid Chrome hinges and stylish looks.

Features include easy clean glass coating, unique levelling system for easy fitting, toughened safety glass amongst others.

For the range of Coram Bath Screens please click here.

For the range of Coram Designer Bath Screens please click here.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Coram GB Sliding Shower Door 1800mm Height

Coram GB Sliding Shower Door 1200.  The Coram GB sliding shower door 1200 is designed specifically for low ceilings and restricted height shower rooms.  The total height of the shower door including framework is just 1800mm exactly.

Coram GB Sliding Shower Door 1800mm Height

Many shower enclosures over 5 years old and older, were made to the height of 1800mm which was the industry standard only a few years ago.  Over the last 5 years the standard height of shower doors has risen to 1850, and now more commonly 1900mm is the benchmark height of a shower door.

The Coram GB range of shower doors including this 1200 slider, is designed for restricted height installations where only 1800mm showers will fit.  It is a lighter version of the more common Optima shower range by Coram, with a much reduced range of finishes and sizes.

The GB sliding shower door 1200mm can be used in a recess / alcove as in the image above, or combined with an optional side panel to create a traditional 2 sided corner shower enclosure.  The GB range is only available in Chrome finish with clear Toughened Safety Glass used throughout.

For more information on Coram GB showers, and to buy low height shower doors please follow the link below:

Coram GB Shower Door Range

Thursday, 23 October 2014

New Coram Premier Shower Prices

Coram Premier Shower Enclosures

& Shower Doors

We have reduced some of our prices on some of the Coram Premier shower range.  This superior British made shower range is now even more value for money than ever.  

The Coram Premier range offers a vast choice of styles and sizes to fit all design ideas and budgets. From Bi Fold space saving doors to crescent shaped full quadrants there is something in the range for every bathroom.

For the full range and to purchase the Coram Premier Range please click here.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Coram Glass Shower Panels

Coram glass shower panels including Pillar, Tube, Stylus & Column shower panels.  Coram Showers offer a glass shower panel for almost all budgets and tastes.  Choose from four distinct styles and sizes between 700 - 1200mm.

Available with floor to ceiling posts, straight wall arms, angled wall arms and return splash backs, the Coram range of shower panels offers a limitless selection and installation options.

Coram glass panels are designed, engineered and manufactured in Shropshire, England.  All Coram products feature at least a 10 year warranty which is upgraded to a lifetime if combined with a Coram shower tray.

All Coram glass panels feature thick 8mm Toughened Safety Glass, Easy Clean glass coating and high quality Chrome fixtures and fittings.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Coram Premier Frameless Shower Enclosures

Coram Premier Frameless shower enclosures and shower doors.  New links for Coram Premier showers below and updated prices.

To buy Coram Frameless shower enclosures and doors please use the links provided below.  All prices correct as of September 2014.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Best Selling Coram Sliding Bath Screen SSL2105CUC

The UK best selling bathscreen from Coram Showers - the Frameless Sliding Bathscreen SSL2105CUC.

We have been selling bathscreens for many years, and the one single most popular screen year after year is the sliding bathscreen from Coram.  Virtually unique in its design and construction, this luxury bath screen allows extended splash protection instantly by sliding a second, rigid panel out from behind the first to give over a metre of glass protection along your bath.

Unlike other similar screens that sag when extended, the Coram Sliding Bathscreen uses a clever 'slide and lock' mechanism that keeps the screen rigid and perfectly level when fully extended.  The screen simply slides smoothly out and clicks into place.  When not in use the extension screen slides back into place taking up only 650mm of space.

To purchase this bathscreen please visit our webstore here.   

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Coram Bathscreens, Folding Bathscreens, Sliding Bathscreens, Designer Bathscreens

Coram Showers based in Shropshire, UK produce some of the most popular bathscreens on sale today. Coram Bathscreens are available in a wide range of different styles, sizes and functions.  Some of the most popular bathscreens are the folding and sliding bathscreens, giving maximum bath access when required combined with effective splash proofing when taking a shower.

Coram Bathscreens are designed for use where there is an over-bath shower unit installed, and allow the shower to be used without unsightly and cumbersome shower curtains.

Coram Sliding Bathscreen:

The Sliding bathscreen is one of the most popular screens on the market today.  Constructed using only the finest materials and manufactured in Britain, the Coram Sliding Bathscreen offers a great way of achieving a full 1065mm of water protection whilst being able to slide back on itself when not in use to a minimal 650mm length.  Clever design features ensure the screen is fully rigid when fully extended, unlike many other sliding screens that can sag when extended due to the weight of the glass.

Coram Folding Bathscreens:

The folding Bathscreen is a time tested favourite.  Available in four and five panel variants, and in both Chrome or White finish, it allows the entire screen to concertina back to the wall when not in use giving maximum bath access.  Full length magnetic seals ensure the screens are held rigidly in place when extended. Like all Coram Bathscreens these units are manufactured in Britain.  Parts and seals are easily available from Coram should they ever need replacing.

Coram Designer Bathscreens:

Another high quality bathscreen from Coram is the Designer range.  Available in a variety of styles and sizes, each bathscreen features a fixed panel with two beautifully finished chrome hinges.  The fixed panel offers added protection at the end of the bath where it is most needed.

For more information on Coram Bathscreens, and to order online please click here.  

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Coram Showers Ltd Launch New Look Website

Coram Showers Ltd have launched a new look website for customers:

Coram Showers

Coram Showers Ltd based in Shropshire, UK are manufacturers of Optima, Premier and GB shower enclosures and doors.  Coram Showers are designed and made in the UK to British Building Regulations.

Coram Showers offer quality shower door solutions and shower trays to suit all UK new build and renovation projects.

To view the new look Coram Showers Website click here.

To view or purchase the entire Coram Showers product range please click here.